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A.D Knight

Enhancing Road Safety and Reducing Congestion

who we are

A.D Knight’s vision is to enhance road safety, to better control traffic, and to reduce road congestion by utilizing mobile phones. Our technology provides services to municipalities, road operators, train operators, departments of transportation (DOTs), and asset owners to improve road safety and traffic monitoring.  We are experts in technology, engineering, and business, aiming to make the world a safer place to walk, jog, bike, and drive.  

Road accidents are responsible for 1.3 million deaths globally per year

1.3 M

There are approximately 600,000 vulnerable road users (VRU) fatalities globally per year

600 K

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), most vehicle crashes cost American society $340 billion

340 B
Road accidents are the leading cause of death for people ages 5-29 globally


Real-time urban traffic safety system to protect vulnerable road users (VRU) such as cyclists

Curb management and micro-mobility monitoring on private and shared platforms

Pedestrian and vehicle detection at railroad crossings

Road and highway shoulder safety - detection of stopped vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists

Traffic analytics, vehicle counting, and vehicles' occupancy 

Origin to destination analytics- waiting time and arrival/departure times

Crowd analytics for improving operational efficiency 

our technology

A.D Knight solves the problem of detecting road users in obscured and low visibility scenarios, based on a novel sensor which detects personal devices such as mobile phones.

The sensors measure the personal devices' positions relative to the vehicle, estimate road users' trajectories, and assess road users' awareness of traffic. 

AreaSense sensor by A.D Knight

Please feel free to watch a video that explains our technology.

spotbeam sensor by A.D Knight

Technology features

Detection of connected devices - WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, and V2X

No necessary app installation

Simple and quick sensor deployment

Sub - meter accuracy

Stand - alone soulution

Not limited by Line of Sight (LOS), visibility conditions, and weather

Multimodal alerting techniques for all road users

Preserving people's privacy

Versatile insights generator for various verticals 

Meet The Team

The A.D Knight team is made up of motivated and dedicated team members.

Recent Updates

A.d knight in the media

A.D. Knight SpotBeam detecting illegal riding on the curb, on Channel 11 Israel (Hebrew)

Dr. Jonathan Abir, A.D. Knight CEO, at the podcast 'three that knows' (Hebrew)

A.D. Knight's CEO, Jonathan Abir, on Channel 13 Israel (Hebrew)

partners and customers

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